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Kris Newhouse

Kristan A. Newhouse, P.C. is a law firm concentrating in adoption, probate, estates, custody and child-protective proceedings in Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding counties.

For over 25 years, Kris has assisted clients in adding to their family through adoption. She has had the privilege of advising and representing both birthparents and adoptive families in the adoption process. As an adoptive mother herself, Kris understands the process and strives to give her clients the legal advice and attention required in this very emotional time.

Kris also aggressively advocates for clients that are legally incapacitated due to minority, mental illness, age or infirmity, or developmental disability. In addition, she successfully fights for clients wrongfully accused of child neglect and abuse. She has also successfully appealled on behalf of clients wrongfully placed on the Child Abuse Central Registry.


Kris is passionate about adoption and assisting both birthparents and adoptive parents through the adoptive process. She has handled numerous adoptions including many domestic and direct placement adoptions of both infants and older children.

Kris enjoys conferencing with clients to answer questions and to provide information to assist clients through the adoptive process. She has been a featured speaker at various organization events and a guest on local television discussing this topic.

Child Protective Services

Kris has practiced in the area of Child Protective Proceedings for over 25 years. She has successfully represented parents accused of child abuse and neglect. She has successfully advocated for adoptive placements in contested matters. Kris is not afraid to challenge agency recommendations and decisions, and will fight for your position.


On Decedent Estates, Kris works with you, the Personal Representative, to provide an efficient and smooth administration and distribution of assets. She handles many Guardianships, including Legally Incapacitated Adults, Developmentally Disabled Adults, and Minors.

Kris has been selected by the Kent County Probate Court to represent, in a court-appointed capacity, hundreds of individuals involuntarily committed to area Psychiatric Hospitals. Her aggressive, yet sensitive approach provides clients with a sense of security and belief that their position is being effectively presented.

Both the Probate Court and Circuit Court have appointed Kris to represent minors in both Personal Injury and Estate Settlement cases. She investigates proposed settlements and reports to the Court, both in writing and by testifying in person.

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Evening and weekend appointments available at your convenience. Available to meet with you at your home, business, or other convenient location.

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Practice Areas

Contested Adoption Petitions
Direct Placement Adoption
Guardianship Adoption
Step-Parent Adoption
Relative Adoption

Child Protective Services
Parent Representation
Foster Parent Representation
CPS/Central Registry Record Expungement

Guardianships, Adults and Minors
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